Vision & Mission

The Mahatma Gading School Story

Mahatma Gading International School was founded in July 2004, fulfilling the dreams of a committed group of educators and eminent members of society who came together to create a school which seeks to nurture children from the early years to senior high school, guided by the principles of Pancasila, in a safe, caring and inspiring environment, where students and teachers, with the support of families and members of the wider community, work together to enable each child to be the best that he or she can be. With a strong emphasis on values and the social and emotional development of the child, besides academic excellence, our school seeks to prepare students to meet the challenges of globalization, embracing change while holding on to the traditions and beliefs that are the foundation of each child’s sense of identity and well-being. It is our hope that the students who have learned with us will be responsible citizens and a credit to themselves, their families, our nation and the world.


To be smart, critical, skillful, creative and able to develop human moral values in life as an individual and social human being.


  • To develop a character of honesty, humanity, responsibility, peace and love in society.
  • To develop academic potential and skill according to the development of technology
  • To create a condusive learning environment
  • To increase the means and infrastructure of the school to support the learning process of the students
  • To give a chance to the needy to study
  • To prepare students for their further studies
  • It is good to have bright children but still better to have bright and good children. What is the good of high intelligence if not coupled with good character.
  • The meaning of the Mahatma Gading School Logo :
    1. The pair of doves symbolizes the protection and enlightenment of God Almighty.
    2. The blue torch symbolizes peacefulness, well-being, the power of love and respect.
    3. The open book represents knowledge which is always growing, especially in this era of globalization.
    4. The golden tusks are the emblems of courage and strength.
    5. The golden flame is the learning spirit which burns within each student and teacher, inspiring them to keep making discoveries.