Curriculum MGIS Senior school

The MGIS curriculum is designed with the Cambridge International Examinations as the basis of study. The objectives in grade 7 and 8 are to prepare the students to take the Cambridge Checkpoint examinations in Grade 8 as a pre requisite for entry to the senior grades when students will take IGCSE and ‘A’ level examinations. 

The curriculum for grades 7 and 8 is as follows, Main Core subjects:

1                    Bahasa Indonesia

2                    Computers

3                    Geography

4                    English Language

5                    English Literature

6                    Maths

7                    Science

8                    History

Additional subjects are:

1        Arts

2        Mandarin

3        Sports

4        Music

5        Living Values

Grades 9 and 10 are streamed to follow Science Subjects or Business Studies, so there are alternative subjects depending on the stream the student selects.

For grades 9 and 10 students follow the curriculum to prepare them for the IGCSE examinations, Main Core subjects:

1        Accounts / Physics

2        Bahasa Indonesia

3        Biology

4        Business Studies

5        Computers

6         Economics / Chemistry

7        English Language

8        English Literature

9        Maths

10    History / Geography

11    ICT

Additional subjects are:

1        Arts

2        Mandarin

3        Sports

4        Religious Studies

5        Music


Grades 11 and 12 are for further study to achieve ‘AS’ level followed by ‘A’ levels. Students who wish to gain entry to overseas Universities or the higher level Universities in Indonesia study to achieve their ‘A’ levels as a requirement for entry. There are options of either Business Studies or Science streams at this level.   


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