A Message From Our School Foundation

On behalf of the Mahatma Gading Foundation, it is our pleasure and honour to introduce this small book which is dedicated to the life and work of Raden Ajeng Kartini.

Kartini has long been an inspiration to the founders of this school and to the children and teachers who bring life to its classrooms and corridors, through their joy and enthusiasm for learning.

Kartini’s childhood was not easy and her home seclusion at the age of twelve is something that our 7th Graders find so very different from their own lives. Looking into the past and learning about old traditions puts children in contact with their ancestry and enables them to understand the journey towards progress and the society in which they live today.

Our celebration in honour of Kartini this year also honours Earth Day and the unceasing efforts of the United Nations Organization to address concerns related to education, health care, disaster relief and conflict resolution in Indonesia and around the world.

Kartini’s concerns were not just in the area of emancipation for women, but also the problems of her society. This remarkable woman saw that the struggle for women to obtain their freedom, autonomy and legal equality, was simply part of a much wider movement. Like Mahatma Gandhi, Kartini represented the living truth and her efforts in the field of education set Indonesia on the pathway towards independence.

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